Jason Kaminsky (NPA #1368) of bizjobz, LLC in Plainview, NY, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Steven Salamone (NPA #2097) of The 4S Agency in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA.

Jason placed Steven’s candidate, a Customer Success Analyst in the Software Industry in the United States.

"You need to be 'in it to win it'," Jason said. "I regularly attend the monthly Cross Industry Call and during one recently; I mentioned a few positions that became a priority fill with a net new client. Plus as a new member to NPA, it is a terrific way to meet other trading partners."

Steven Salamone is also very proactive in the network, and he said the way this deal came about was that he responded to a "Call to Exporters" email that NPA's engagement team sent out, asking exporters who had bandwidth to take on some new searches. He emailed Marcia for info, and she sent along Jason's info.

"Jason and I connected, and he explained his jobs/client/ideal candidate," Steven said. "And he also shared all the client feedback he had received on previous candidates, which was very helpful."

"Rather than just flip resumes over to me, he called and we had our own intake session to not only discuss the company, but the right candidate," Jason said. "This proved to be the difference as his candidate ultimately got hired. Once Steven did the initial vet, I took over and submitted the candidate and managed the process while keeping Steven in the loop."

"Jason was great to work with - always keeping me in the loop on my candidates and providing what feedback he could to help me on my search," Steven said. "I hope to make more placements with Jason - I am working on a couple other of his current jobs/clients."