Posted by Liz Carey on Sep 24, 2020
Jonathan Pearson (NPA #8507) of BluZinc in London, UK, has made the firm’s first split placement with Laura LaBine (NPA #6017) of LaBine and Associates in San Mateo, CA, USA.
Jonathan placed Laura’s candidate, a Business Development Manager in the Internet/e-Commerce industry in the USA.
Laura explains how the deal came about: "I think one of the most important things is that even though Jonathan and I have known each other through years, we had the opportunity to get to know each other more during the conference in New Orleans.  I'm pretty sure that split wouldn't have happened so easily otherwise. Spending time with Jonathan allowed me to understand how he works with his clients, and how he approaches marketing. It's been said before, and it's true: attending these events and meeting our partners is a big aspect of successful placements."
"Getting to work with Jonathan on this placement has provided me more insight into how he works, so I can support him more easily," Laura said.  "I believe that this is just the first for the two of us."
Jonathan added: "Investing time, conversation and fun times with our member relationships is just as important as our customers and internal teams. This is why I was determined to come over from London to meet Laura in person at our NOLA conference, along with many other wonderful members. Most of our clients and senior jobs are in Northern America too. Laura and I chatted about a focus market and then when a new client was refered to me, although I was busy on delivery with other clients, I was able partner with Laura which was a breeze.
"We had a total of 4 candidates on interview within 10 days and one hire, right first time with a few weeks. I knew Laura's was the best plus she had a brilliant back up who might be suitable for another new client soon. I've now started prospecting clients in Northern America for jobs with Laura, and other NPA members in mind. Thanks everyone!"
This is such a perfect example of why it's so important to attend meetings and build those relationships with your fellow trading partners! Great work, Laura and Jonathan!