Darrell Moore (#4518) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of Sedona Staffing Services in Dubuque, IA, USA.

Darrell provided a Buyer II in the Machinery/Heavy Equipment Industry, to Chris Turzo (#6076) of Chris Turzo & Associates in Santa Cruz, CA, USA.

Darrell explains how the deal came about: "First NPA split….Man does that sound good. It feels even better because it happened with an awesome guy, Chris Turzo. This came about because I keep an extra lookout for open Buyer roles on the network, because I have a good number of them in my book. I called Chris and he was more than delighted to share as much information as I needed to feel comfortable sourcing candidates. I sent him a candidate I had a previous relationship with and he took off with it. Within days, he has an interview scheduled. Within a week, they’re flying my candidate out. Less than 2 weeks, they’re offering my candidate the job. Chris did an amazing job of keeping me in the loop every step of way. I’m confident in saying this is the first of more with Chris."

Wow, nice work Darrell and Chris! Importers, this why it pays to post your jobs, and exporters, this is how you make deals... search open reqs and reach out to the importers for more details.