Dennis Cupp (#2033) of Austin Allen Company in Cordova, TN, USA, has made his first NPA split placement.

Dennis placed a Sr. Controls Engineer in the Automotive Industry, provided by Divyansh Mathur (#2082) of iPlace USA in McLean, VA, USA.

Dennis said: "Divy at iPlace is a fantastic supplier. He was working with one of my team members and providing her with great electrical engineering candidates. I reached out to Divy, gave him a ton of details and he went hunting for me. Within 2 days he send me ONE candidate. I called the candidate and the candidate was indeed very motivated to make a change. I submitted the candidate. One phone interview, One onsite interview and an offer later, Austin Allen Company and iPlace are splitting a fee!”

Divy said he was introduced to Dennis through Teri Alexander.

"A Firm and Fierce Leader is what Dennis is," Divy said. "Getting to assist him on this role was an experience as Dennis was concrete on what the client is seeking and helped me understand the needs very clearly. He has always kept me in the loop with any new updates on the candidate we submitted. A Huge Toast to him for his first split in NPA and I wish him many more in the near future with me and other partners. I am happy to assist him and will do so on any new roles of his."