Posted by Liz Carey on Feb 04, 2021
Donna Byrd (NPA #2564) has made her first split placement since joining the staff of Genie Matthews & Associates in Murrells Inlet, SC, USA.
Donna placed a Lab/Tech Services Manager in the Plastics/Rubber Industry, provided by Mike Pettit (NPA #5722) of Channel Personnel Services Inc in Pasadena, TX, USA.
Donna explains how the deal came about: "Mike was quick on his feet submitting a candidate for the Applications Engineer position we posted on the NPA job board. The best part of his submittal was the fact the candidate was extremely qualified for the position. I also cherished the fact that the contact information on the resume was up-to-date and the resume was current. Mike provided some additional information about the candidate and it was smooth sailing from there. Mike has been great to work with and he has been very responsive to all calls and emails. Mike is definitely an NPA team player. You can't go wrong connecting with Mike for great candidates."
Mike added: "The applicant was interested in this position from day one and admitted it was his first position of choice. Donna submitted the applicant's resume after speaking with him, and her client responded in a timely manner enabling the applicant to consider this opportunity in conjunction with other opportunities he was considering. The client moved forward in the hiring process through the Holidays and extended an employment offer acceptable to the applicant. Donna is a great "people person" and kept the applicant updated as to what the hiring process would look like and set expectations with the applicant for each step. Donna is great to work with and is very transparent with the applicant and placing partner throughout the entire process."
These are great examples of importer and exporter best practices - for exporters - provide 'value add' and up-to-date info with a candidate submittal; for importers, post your jobs to Matchmaker and provide prompt feedback to both the candidate and your trading partner. Great work, Donna and Mike!