Ed Winstanley (NPA #1402) of Edward Daniels Group in New York, NY, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Paul Reino (NPA #1344) of AccurIT Staffing Corporation in Downington, PA, USA. Paul placed Ed’s candidate, a Machine Learning Scientist in the IT/Software Industry in the US.

Ed joined NPA in December 2019, and explains how the deal came about: "In March during the initial downturn in jobs, we joined a bunch of NPA calls based on our expertise and gravitated towards Paul’s role as we have made similar placements in the past. I called Paul and he was very helpful in explaining the job, company and type of person they look for. Paul was very concise on his explanation and really helped us understand his role completely. In submitting people to Paul, Paul was very clear on what works and doesn’t and we refined our search and came up with the person who eventually was hired. The hiring process was pretty straightforward (unlike some clients I am sure we have all worked with) and Paul was great in his communication throughout the process… and overall glad to help someone find a job when they were looking for a new role during a very difficult time in the economy. Paul is a great NPA partner!"

Paul added: Ed contacted me in March requesting to work on the Research Scientist position I have open in northern NJ. The first candidate of several he offered me over the following weeks caught the attention of my client and was subsequently interviewed. This all occurred during the outbreak of the virus and so the candidate’s follow-on (should have been in-person) interview had to be conducted remotely. The decision was made to hire him and so the candidate was on-boarded remotely and continues to work in such fashion. Often I will help instruct NPA members as to how to search for candidates for my positions since the jobs tend to be fairly complicated. Ed seemed to need no such assistance and managed to offer me a 'winner' on his first submittal. Looking forward to continue to work with Ed."

Great teamwork means great communication and cooperation! Nice job, Paul and Ed!