Yemi Jackson (NPA #8515) of Engage Transform in London, U.K., has made the firm’s first split placement with Criss Grape (NPA #8340) of ISG - Austria in Wien, Austria.
Yemi placed Criss’s candidate, an Application Specialist in Germany.
Yemi explains how the deal came about: "It was a real pleasure working with  Criss. When I got the role form my client based in the UK but with offices in Germany. The first thing I did was reach out to NPA to get a list of partners in Germany. As soon as I saw Criss's name on the list I reached out only to her because we met in Cyprus in 2018 as part of EMEA NPA and she sat at my table for breakfast. I remember her being very friendly and I thought she would be pleasant to work with and their would-be mutual respect, this is key for any successful partnership. The location and discipline of the role were out of my core, my confidence to tell my client I can do it is because of my membership of NPA. My first split via NPA and looking forward to many more."
Criss added: "Yemi approched me and asked whether I can help her on a role in Germany. She described the vacancy in detail and gave me all necessary details on the condition, so I could immediately see whether I'm able to help her. We soon had a SKYPE call together and I started to look for suitable candidates. The tricky thing was an enormous time pressure. We had to be fast - I assume faster than a competitor. I searched through our huge database and did a lot of research in the social media - since the location of the candidate also was a major issue. Not many suitable candidates were available in this specific region. However despite I could only find a handful of candidates  - one was the right one and got the job. Yemi was fantastic to work with, we were continously in touch and I got feedback within a matter of minutes."
This is a great example of why it's so important to attend meetings - because they sat together during breakfast at the EMEA meeting, Yemi knew to reach out to Criss for this role that was out of her geography. Nice work, Yemi and Criss!