Matt Casey (NPA #1356) of ExperiencedRN Premium Placement in Boston, MA, USA, and Joy Newby (NPA #1378) of Acute Medical Staffing in East Brunswick, NJ, USA, have both made their firm’s first split placement through NPAworldwide! Matt placed Joy’s candidate, an Operating Room Nurse in the Healthcare Industry in the US.

Matt said that NPA's member engagement specialist Kara Russell introduced he and Joy via email when she joined and they had a phone conversation.

"Honestly, I didn't expect a split between us in the short term because I am importer and I could tell she was so busy with her own jobs, she really hadn't even had a chance to get up to speed with NPA, its network, offering etc.," Matt said. "But when I got a large number of health care jobs in New Jersey, I knew that was Joy's industry and geographic area of focus so I reached back out. It was good that we had already established a relationship and hit the ground running. She quickly sent me some Operating Room Nursing candidates and we were able to place one of them pretty quickly. I look forward to other placements with Joy and the whole healthcare team! I am up to 2 splits this week alone and waiting on others offers to be accepted so maybe more and I couldn't do any of it without NPA partners as I am only an importer for now!"

Great job reaching out and developing that relationship ahead of time, so you were able to rely on each other when your client needed assistance!