Kyle Penland (NPA #2130) of Hardage Group in Dyersburg, TN, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Steve Kohn (NPA #2043) of Affinity Executive Search in Hollywood, FL, USA.

Kyle placed Steve’s candidate, an Operations Manager in the Machinery / Heavy Equipment Industry in the USA.

The Hardage Group joined NPAworldwide through the IPA merger in October of 2019. 

Steve said: "I've known the Hardage Group for a couple of years due to our mutual membership in IPA, and we've already made a half dozen placements together. Great people to work with. Kyle, Philip and Abbey are just a pleasure. The winning candidate on this job didn't actually apply for it. I start out every day going through yesterday's applicants to see if there might be other jobs that fit their background, and this candidate was one of these...he appeared to align well with the job that Kyle had posted so we sent him over to see if there might be an interest. Kyle saw the potential and asked us to see if the candidate might be interested. He was! Kyle then quickly picked up the ball and ran it all the way in for a win." 

Kyle said: "From my end, Steve sent me two very qualified candidates! I really liked both of them, they were both super responsive, and interviewed really well with me. My client had an internal candidate that they wasted time with for a week or so, but that candidate did not pan out. I got a call from the hiring manager at 6:30pm my time (while in WalMart with all 4 of my children and my wife)... we shared a laugh about my kids' desire for every flavor of ice cream in the aisle, and then he shared with me that he wanted to interview both of Steve's candidates the next day! I set them up, caught one of the candidates at dinner with his wife... apparently, as is the case sometimes, he did not inform his wife of the new location that they were both on board for :) He called me back 30 minutes later to inform me he couldn't take the call which left us with one candidate. That candidate was almost LOCAL! In fact, his mom lived 30 minutes from the plant! The candidate had a great phone interview, had an in-person interview, and another panel interview. This candidate was then offered the job, accepted it the next morning, and started the next Monday."

Great work, Kyle and Steve! It pays to go through the jobs on Matchmaker and see if any of the candidates in your database might be a fit. Set up alerts and make it part of your day!