Posted by Liz Carey on Sep 10, 2020

John Basar (NPA #5079) of HC-Resource in Denver, CO, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Alex Bakker (NPA #1441) of USA Staffing Network, Inc. in Webster, NY, USA.

Alex placed John’s candidate, an RN / Nurse Faculty in the Healthcare Industry in the US.

John explained how the deal came about: "HC-R has been anchored in the Hospitality for the majority of the last decade. With the CEO/Owner Shaun Coe being a major national player in the corporate retail/hospitality world previous to starting his firm we really, we never had the need to “branch out”. The reality of COVID took us all by surprise overnight. In the flash of a face mask, we had lost 6 figure revenue streams and relationships that took years to create.

"Shaun and his team wasted no time pivoting directly into healthcare the very next day.  We sectioned off our two best executive recruiters, John Basar, and Perry Martin to head up our NPA endeavor. We were all aware that we were about to go from being a top dog to beginners all over again. The thought terrified us all at HC-R, but we knew we had to embrace the change if we were going to continue to grow.

"We joined NPA with open minds and hearts, but not truly knowing what to expect. We have been astounded by the quality of firms that are represented in this amazing network! Over the recent months we have had the pleasure of generating strong relationships with network players like Frances Wiernusz, Steve Schroeder, Alex Bakker, Ariel Grossman, and Matt Casey.   After getting acquainted with everyone we were able to make our first split placement for a Nursing/Faculty Instructor (RN) position with Alex Bakker, cheers Alex!

"We are ecstatic to be a part of this network. What started off as a hunch has turned into a significant endeavor for the firm! We have used the momentum generated by that first domino to make more placements on the NPA Network, and we are very excited to keep working hard with all of you. Thank you for welcoming us into the NPA Network so genuinely."

This is a great example of using the network to branch out of your niche and survive an economic slowdown in your industry. Great work, John and Alex!