Ileana Chappel (#6075) has made her first split placement since joining the staff of Henderson Harbor Group in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Ileana placed an Executive Assistant in the Accounting Services Industry, provided by Richard Bryant (#4794) of Bryant Associates, Inc. in Skokie, IL, USA.

Richard explains how the deal came about: "I noticed Ileana’s post on Matchmaker because it was well defined, offered an attractive fee and suggested a specific space in which to recruit.  Once I identified and qualified a candidate she liked, I mostly stayed out of her Ileana’s path and let her do the heavy lifting.  It proved to be an effective strategy, which is sometimes the best formula to follow when exporters are fishing in unknown murky waters."

Posting great jobs with solid details and description on Matchmaker is an effective path to success! Great work, Ileana and Richard!