Jeff Nisbet (#7025) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of Kitchener Executive Consultants in Kitchener, ONT, Canada.

Jeff placed a Maintenance Manager in the Automotive Industry, provided by Kevin Alger (#7370) of Appletree Executive Recruitment in Guelph, ONT, Canada.

Kevin explains how the deal came about: "My relationship with Kitchener Executive Consultants(KEC) goes back almost 25 years - that is where I had my start in the business. KEC and I share common recruitment interests and the key to making this placement is the fact that we have stayed in contact. Jeff has worked for KEC for a while and I have known him for a more than a few years. In past Jeff, has fielded candidates for a few of my assignments that just did not bear any fruit. Persistence paid off, Jeff had a few assignments in Stratford including a reload for Maintenance Manager role for which I was able to field a couple of new candidates with just 3-4 days worth of work. We split a good fee – just shy of 30K. The process was pretty easy for me – Jeff took over handling of the candidate. Jeff did the references and set up the interview. Thanks Jeff, I owe you lunch! Goes to show that picking up the phone, staying in touch can pay dividends."

Jeff adds: "I was introduced to Kevin not long after joining KEC and had been told many stories about his years here. We’ve had more than our share of conversations over the years including NPA events and always willing to throw ideas back & forth about candidates, etc. Before now, nothing had landed but anytime Kevin called in to ask about candidates, I was always ready to look at who I might know to match what he needed.

"I honestly don’t recall how this search started but it could’ve easily been me mentioning it in passing or Kevin asking me if I was working on anything specific that was causing pain. It could also have been Ian mentioning it to Kevin. Either way, it’s always been easy to talk to Kevin as we’ve both been recruiting for quite some time, so it felt fairly easy to get the particulars of the search and the opportunity across to him and he had the gist immediately. He sent me two really great candidates who aligned really well to my client’s needs, one of them had even turned us down already but Kevin managed to regain his interest. And he gave me a solid low-down on each so I didn’t have to flesh out much with them so all things considered it was a pretty smooth process despite my client’s penchant for making things take much longer than needed."

This is a perfect example of a great working partnership! Open sharing and great communication leads to success!