Posted by Liz Carey on Sep 02, 2020
Jody Davis (NPA #6095) of Jody Davis and Associates in Scotts Valley, CA, USA, made the firm’s first TWO split placements with Chris Turzo (NPA #6076) of Chris Turzo and Associates in Santa Cruz, CA, USA.
Chris placed Jody's candidates, an Accounting Manager and an Asset Manager, in the Accounting industry in the USA.
Jody explains how the deal came about: "Marcus Ronaldi (NPA #6010) introduced us. Surprisedly, we lived 15 minutes from each other and both recruit in the same niche market, Renewable Energy. 18 years of combined experience within this niche.We met at a local coffee shop and hit it off. We both worked hard and made 2 placements within a few months.  Would have been sooner but the client has a long interview process. It is challenging to meet other recruitment professionals who understand your niche plus have a complementary style. We were in each other’s backyard and if weren’t for NPA, we might not have met. Thanks, NPA!"
What a great example of how your "competition" - someone in your region and/or recruiting niche - can turn out to be your best trading partner! Great work, Chris and Jody!