Josh Pribanic (#1363) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of FinancialPeople in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Josh placed a Tax Manager in the Accounting Services Industry, provided by Jay Sitapara (#8437) of Avid Placement in Ahmedabad, India.

Josh took to Matchmaker for help finding Tax Managers for a very niche specialty of which his client needed.

"We had some partners interested in helping to find candidates for the role, but as it was a difficult position to fill, candidates were coming in slowly," Josh said. "Jay asked for some additional information, and really seemed genuine in understanding the candidate profile we were pursuing. We communicated mostly via email, and his team was able to target some really great candidates."

"One candidate in particular seemed perfect for the Tax Manager role we posted, but upon further review it was revealed that this candidate was actually a former employee of the client we were trying to place them with! At this point, we weren’t able to submit this candidate for the role we had posted on NPA," Josh said. "However, we had recently been asked by a client of our main office in Buffalo, NY to let them know if any Pittsburgh, PA candidates would be interested in remote work concerning a certain niche in tax compliance. As it turns out, the candidate Jay had submitted ended up being a perfect fit for this role and is incredibly happy with their new position and our client is equally as happy with their new employee."

"Classic example of 'when one door closes, another opens'," Josh said. "I look forward to working with Jay and his team at Avid Placement in the future."

Jay added: "It was a pleasure to work with Josh. Though the candidate that I presented wasn't able to be submitted for the first role, luckily Josh got a similar role from another client and presented that profile to them. That was a great step done by Josh and I appreciate his smartness to present her with another client. That's it, it's magic, and my candidate got an offer within a few days. Always love to work with Josh and eagerly waiting for new job order :)"

Way to turn that situation around, guys! Here's to many more placements together!