Posted by Liz Carey on Jan 06, 2021
Ken McConnell (NPA #8375) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of Arnold Group Australia Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
Ken provided a Risk Manager in the Construction Industry, to Roxayne West (NPA #8169) of Recruitment Australia in Castle Hill, NSW, Australia.
Ken explains how the deal came about: "The company we placed our candidate came to Roxayne only when they had exhausted all other options. Their internal recruiters were unsuccessful in filling the role and their company does not normally deal with external recruiters. Although they were not really happy to do so they were desperate for a quality candidate. Roxayne's contact in the company recommended her and she had to jump through lots of hoops to get the opportunity to recruit for this role. The role was in Melbourne and while she had a candidate that would fit the role she had a strong relationship with Safety People and Ken from previous interactions about roles and candidates, Roxayne felt that Ken being based in Melbourne would be able to assist. Ken provided two great candidates, so we presented the three candidates. One of Roxayne's candidates and one of Ken’s were interviewed and Ken's candidate went through to the end. The candidate was very excited, the client was happy and we had our first NPA split."
Roxayne added: "It was a delight to work with Ken. He was very professional, provided notes, general information and reference checks on the candidates, and overall it was a pleasure to work with him. We look forward to working on future splits!"
Ken said: "I really enjoyed working with Roxayne on this Operational Risk Manager role. I knew the client had particular requirements from Roxayne's brief and they had exhausted their own process, so it was great to work together to get a great outcome for them and for us. Roxayne kept me informed and updated on the progress at all steps. Thanks Roxayne for the opportunity to collaborate together, I look forward to splitting again soon."
This is the perfect example of a collaborative NPA partnership! Great work, Ken and Roxayne!