Laura Olesczuk (#6040) has made her first split placement since joining the staff of The Courtney Group in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Laura provided a Program Manager ASIC in the Electronics / Semi-conductors industry, to Phil Chappel (#1325) of P. Chappel Associates, Inc. in Basking Ridge, NJ, USA.

Phil and Laura met at the NPAworldwide annual conference in Long Beach, CA, in 2019.

Laura said: "Being new to the business, I was there to network and learn. Phil immediately took me under his wing. He introduced me to others in the organization and invited me out for cocktails with a group who work in the tech space. After the conference, Phil continued to be a mentor to me. When he posted the Program Manager position, I pounced! Within a week, I had four candidates submitted to Phil and within a month, we had an offer! I’m so grateful for NPA and for Phil sharing his experience and his wisdom. I look forward to more joint success!"

Phil adds: "[At the conference] Laura was looking for someone to partner with to visit round tables so I took her around. I introduced her to some partners and we had drinks with a group of people later. Even though our specialties don’t exactly match, after the conference we stayed in touch. When I recently posted a Program Manager position on Matchmaker, Laura called and we discussed the role. She submitted a few candidates to me, one was interviewed, extended an offer and accepted within a few weeks. This placement would not have happened if both of us did not attend the conference and had developed a relationship. The check just came in!"

This is the perfect example of why it's so important to attend meetings and meet your trading partners face-to-face! Congrats, Phil and Laura! Here's to many more splits together!