Michael Britt (#1441) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of USA Staffing Network in Webster, NY, USA.

Michael placed a Social Worker - MSW in the Healthcare Industry, provided by Steve Kohn (#2043) of Affinity Executive Search in Hollywood, FL, USA.

Mike explains how the deal came about: "We supply a feed to Steve with our open positions. On 6/25/19 we received a Social Worker application from Steve. I contacted the applicant and she initially was looking for a part-time or per diem position. She was very pleased with her current position, but wanted to expand her social worker skills and increase her annual compensation. We discussed the role and agreed to submit her application although the client was looking for full-time. I discussed her background with the client and they agreed to interview. I had a number of conversations with the applicant as we worked through the option of her leaving her current employer. Long story short, they offered a full time position to her and she received over a 40% annual increase. She is a single parent and was elated. We have additional applications received from Steve over the past few weeks that are being considered for positions. We hope this will one of many splits between USA Staffing Network and Affinity Search."

Steve added: "Mike and has whole agency have been excellent trading partners since the day I joined NPA. Together, we have worked together very creatively and they feed their jobs directly to me via an XML link that lets me give them constant and maximum exposure. I advertised this job everywhere and ran direct email campaigns also. One of the email campaigns hit a lucky inbox, and Mike got the candidate an interview almost instantly. The process moved super fast because the client knew exactly what they wanted and Mike managed their expectations perfectly. A win! Hopefully the first of many together."

Wow, what a great success story for the candidate, client, and Mike and Steve! Sounds like a great partnership, and here's to many more splits together!