Posted by Liz Carey on Jan 11, 2021

Paul Morgan (NPA #8572) of NDT Resources in Swindon, England, UK, has made the firm’s first split placement with Garry King (NPA #8383) of Kingscroft Consulting Pty Ltd in North Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Garry placed Paul’s candidate, an Account Manager in the Chemical Industry in Australia.

Paul explains how the deal came about: "I first met Garry on the now ubiquitous Zoom meeting (AU/NZ Industrial Practice Group). It was quite an early start for me I can tell you – 3 O’clock in the morning! Previously, I had sent out an email introducing myself to Group members, pointing out a recruitment sector that I could help them enter and, of which, I was sure many had not heard of. That sector being Non-destructive Testing (NDT).

"It was in May last year that Garry kindly responded to say that he would like to explore this area further. We met a couple of times again through the monthly meetings. Then in October, he asked if I could help him with a Sales Manager role which had a loose connection with NDT – very loose. I reached out to various candidates in Australia and struck lucky with one. What was noteworthy about this candidate was his drive and tenacity. He is a chemical engineer with good sales and BD skills. When he first entered Australia, he was willing to work in a hotel as a Bell Hop for over a year before he found his first sales role.

"Of course, Covid slowed the recruitment process down, as it has for all of us. Nevertheless, I’m pleased to say that the candidate is now looking forward immensely to his new challenge; he sees it as a huge opportunity for progression within the company.

"This requirement took me out of my niche (NDT), but I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter so much what the sector is, it is the skills we have to find and entice people to take a journey with us, that counts. Thanks Garry and NPAworldwide."

This is a great example of utilizing the NPA network - attending practice group calls monthly, reaching out to fellow members to introduce yourself, and exploring outside your typical niche. Great work, Paul and Garry!