Andrew Odachowski (NPA #2126) of OdaRecruit in Mount Pleasant, SC, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Phillip Hardage (NPA #2130) of Hardage Group in Dyersburg, TN, USA.
Phil placed Andrew’s candidate, a Marketing & Data Analyst in the Chemical Industry in the US.
Andrew explains how the deal came about: "I met Phil through NPA, originally contacted him via email and phone about another position he had posted in Memphis TN. Phil was great to talk to, friendly and easy going, we bonded on the phone and I started working his Memphis position.Then a week or two later he posted the Charleston, SC Business Analyst position, which for me being in Charleston, SC I jumped at the opportunity to recruit in my own backyard. It wasn't an easy position to fill, as the position is actually quite a drive north of Charleston, but as fate would have it, a candidate that had been a referral through my wife's friend a few weeks earlier fit the bill.  She is a very sharp and ambitious business analyst out of a major company in Charleston. She sent me her info on LinkedIn and I screened her right away and saw that she was really good, but didn't have anything at the moment for her. Then when the Charleston position came up a few weeks later, I thought of her right away, called her, explained to her to be open minded about the commute and sent her in. She did great in the interview process beating out several other candidates, met with the CEO then they made her an offer. I have spoken with the candidate and she is very happy with the new position and thanked me for pushing her to interview. Definitely a success story, and felt really good to hit my goal of making a placement in August on NPA."
Phil added: "This search was 'out of my comfort zone' but with a solid client. I had no IT type folks and turned to NPA for help. I was SURPRISED in the matter of a couple of days…I had no less than eight to ten nice candidates and all but two were local. After handing off the candidate Andrew stayed in the background…did not push for feedback. The client had several interviews, ANDREW'S candidate blew them away."
This is a great example of why you can always say YES to your client... even if a search is outside your niche, you have a whole network of partners to rely on. Great work, Andrew and Phil!