Phillip Hardage (#2130) of Hardage Group in Dyersburg, TN, USA, has made his first NPA split placement.

Phil placed a Regional Human Resource in the Food & Beverage Product Industry, provided by Jean-Marc Frion (NPA #7392) of RSI Inc. in Toronto, ONT, Canada.

Phil explains how the deal came about: "I had the this international search, my first in Canada...I worked on the search a little before I joined NPA...then after joining and posting the job in Matchmaker, Jean-Marc responded. The search process was difficult -- the client's process was long and resulted in losing several solid candidates. Jean-Marc hung with the search and continued to provide strong LOCAL candidates. In fact, the placed candidate was so strong the client upgraded the position in order to attract the candidate. Jean-Marc has been very easy to work with and with me being new to NPA completely supportive."

Jean-Marc added: "I was very pleased to work with Phil and his colleague Kyle on this search which, like many/most of them I find, was ridden with plenty of snags and other obstacles to overcome. The advent of the epidemic was the ultimate major barrier, but fortunately we managed to place the candidate at the last minute before "the doors were shut." I have not been as lucky with several other ones in this respect. Both Phil and Kyle have been very pleasant to work with – really fine people I hold in great esteem. In my opinion, they have understood exactly what it takes to collaborate very efficiently to achieve mutually successful splits, which is what the NPA is all about, isn’t it?"

Great work keeping at it and getting this deal closed, Phil and Jean-Marc!