Posted on Dec 02, 2020
Merissa Mattson (NPA #7409) of Pinnacle Search International in Calgary, ALB, Canada, has made the firm’s first split placement with Cameron Gausby (NPA #7426) of KNG Technical Inc. in Shanty Bay, ONT, Canada.
Cameron placed Merissa’s candidate, a Clinical Sales Consultant in the Medical Device industry in Canada.
Merissa explains how the deal came about: "When I was first introduced to the NPA network back in August,  I reached out to a few NPA partners who work in similar industries. I reached out to Cameron and he replied back that he could use some help on a challenging role. We jumped on a call almost immediately. Since then my experience with Cameron has been super positive. I really appreciate that he takes the time to provide more than enough details to help me understand everything that I would need to know to successfully fill a role. As I am working on Business Development and bringing in new clients for myself at Pinnacle, I really appreciate the opportunity to do some recruiting for Cameron. I plan to keep a long term relationship with him and if I can ever help him out again, I definitely will! He is a trusted partner that holds a high level of standard for both clients and candidates. Quality is important to me and Cameron is absolutely a top notch recruiter with his strong communication and client management skills."
Cameron added: "So a long time customer of ours hired a brand new HR Team. Even though we were a partner/vendor for 10 years, the new HR group said they had their partner/vendors and no longer required our services. After internal pressure from hiring managers throughout the company they added us as the “5th”on their depth chart and reluctantly. They offered a project that all 4 other vendors failed on. The role had been open 14 months and we were welcome to it. We took it knowing it would be a grind. Comp under market value, highest COL in the U.S. and neglected sales territory. We started December 2019 and by August 2020 a 3rd and final interview for a Candidate we had and didn’t make the cut. At this point the hiring manager who you could tell did not have good experiences with recruiters was a little more open and finally told us what he was really looking for. A bench Scientist he could convert to a Sales Consultant. Uggghhhh. 8.5 months and now you tell me……….We were referring Sales professionals for 8 months per the job title! So I needed fresh eyes on this. In comes Merissa. I tell her everything so she knows what she is getting into. She had the courage to take it on. She referred a star (and others) and 61 days later, a placement! The longest placement in our company’s history but it got done. While a great ending in a placement, Merissa’s efforts has that customer and HR group taking notice. KNG as a partner/ vendor by HR’s admission is now in the top 2 with a extra project extended and 1 pending for December 1st exclusive.
Merissa was committed, sent me weekly updates, and we worked together to convert a bench Scientist to Sales Professional. We even changed the tile to “Clinical Laboratory Sales Specialist” to make it appear less Sales and a little more clinical. Offer didn’t have that same title but oh well😊 Merissa was new to this space and while I have been in it for over a decade, fresh eyes were needed and she simply put, DELIVERED! Anyone in our network that needs a exporter call her!!!! Thank you Merissa."
Now that is a successful collaboration! Great work, Cameron and Merissa! Here's to many more deals together!