Jennifer Thrift (NPA #5057) of PSI Recruiting in Austin, TX, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Amy Christ (NPA #4005) of Achieve Employment Solutions in Menomonee Falls, WI, USA.

Amy placed Jennifer’s candidate, a Microbiology Associate in the Biotechnology / Life Sciences Industry in the USA.

Jennifer explains how the deal came about: "Amy and I were both on a Midwest call in July - even though I am based in Texas, I am from Wisconsin and I still have lots of ties there. After the call, I reached out to Amy directly to introduce myself and offered to assist with the position she had mentioned on the call. From there it was a great fit! I submitted a candidate to Amy a few weeks after that conversation and though the interview process took some time, eventually the company made her an offer which she accepted!"

"Amy was great to work with and I think she and I both were both very on top of communication - which is key to a successful partnership," Jennifer said. "We even posted a picture on the NPA Facebook group of our toasting our success! Amy and I still call each other and work on roles together and we are looking forward to meeting in person in New Orleans in March at the Global Conference."

"Lifesaver!," Amy said. "Jennifer's Wisconsin connection made it a great partnership and her persistence and organizational skills made it a great fit for me and helped me keep on top of it with all the other stuff I was dealing with at the same time."

Great work, ladies! Here's to many more splits together!