Jake Hinman (NPA #3295) of RSI in Rushville, IN, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Phil Chappel (NPA #1325) of P. Chappel Associates Inc. in Basking Ridge, NJ, USA.

Phil placed Jake’s candidate, a Senior Sales Manager in the Software Industry in the US.

Phil had a new ASIC sales manager position that he only wanted to fill through NPA, so he jumped on the cross industry call to discuss it. Jake was on the call and reached out to Phil after the call.

"The specs stated candidates MUST reside in and have industry contacts in the greater Denver CO or Houston TX areas," Phil said. "Jake, being located in CO, thought he’d like to recruit for the role. We spoke and a few days later he sent me a candidate who I presented to the company. It was stretch, so there was no interest. He then presented another -- she was based in Dallas (NOT Houston). She was a great fit so I spoke with her and presented to the company. About a week later, she accepted the offer. She later told me that during the interview, she explained to the Sr. VP and other execs why they needed someone in Dallas! When I first started in the recruiting business many moons ago, my first boss used to say ‘sometimes you have to take the shot and let the company make the decision’. Sometimes that philosophy stills pays off. Attending the calls does too."

Jake adds: "Being new to the recruitment industry, Roman and Elsa Duty (longtime NPA members) suggested I reach out to Phil, with whom they had previously worked via NPA and respected immensely. He had secured a new tech. industry client, was dealing with several unknown variables, and he took a chance accepting my relatively inexperienced help in the search. From start to finish, Phil was extremely accommodating, expeditious, and generally a great person both professionally and personally. His depth of knowledge, advice, and good humor were extremely helpful, especially during this formative time in my career -- in short, I recognize how fortunate I am to be a member of such a great community and can't thank Phil enough for his enthusiastic guidance and professionalism."

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take! Great work being proactive and attending the calls, Jake. Sounds like you and Phil have developed a great relationship... here's to many more splits together!