Natalie Ozgunay (NPA #4043) of SmartHire in Chicago, IL, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Patrick Long (NPA #1346) of Provision People in Cresskill, NJ, USA. Natalie placed Patrick’s candidate, an Attorney in the Legal Industry in the US.

Natalie explains how the deal came about: "I believe I was given Patrick as a mentor (peer coach) when I joined NPA in the Fall of 2019. He was/is fantastic in explaining how he utilized NPA and is wonderful in continuing to answer any questions I have. He and his team have consistently worked on my roles and given me great candidates.

"Before the shut-down, Patrick gave me a great attorney for my pretty tough role in Chicago. My client was moving slowly and then when things shut down, things were moving at a snails pace. Then within minutes before speaking with another great NPA partner's candidate, I found out they had made an offer to Patrick's candidate directly and he accepted! Success! NPA is fantastic."

Patrick added: "I met Natalie when she first joined the platform. I shared my experiences on NPA, and we swapped stories on our recruiting backgrounds and specialties. We stayed in touch on her platform experiences, and worked together on several different searches through the months, and we found a candidate that was the perfect fit with Natalie's client which resulted in our placement."

Great work, Natalie and Patrick!  If you are a new member and would like a peer coach, let us know!  Sometimes they can become your first split partner!