Posted by Liz Carey on Sep 23, 2020
Dave Bontempo (NPA #1352) of The Bontempo Group in Feasterville Trevose, PA, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Steve Morris (NPA #1118) of Van Grace Associates, LLC in Shrewsbury, MA, USA.
Steve placed Dave’s candidate, a Manufacturing Manager in the Packaging Industry.
Steve's longtime client needed a manufacturing manager to replace a previous placement (NPA split).  The GM for the site (also a previous placement) called Steve on July 3rd, asking for help. They would not relocate anyone and needed a strong player to drive the plant. Steve posted the job on Matchmaker, and emailed it directly to those he works with regularly. Dave Bontempo reached out to Steve after seeing the posting.
"Our client spoke to two candidates from affiliates, and they focused on Dave's candidate. He was out of work and could start immediately, on Aug. 3rd. I have told people that NPA has gotten me through previous recessions, and it is now getting me through Covid. Thank you Dave!"
Dave added: "Third times a charm... after having 2 candidates receive offers from other NPA offices and accept them, only to wash out during orientation due to delays with credentialing, I finally broke through and had an incredible experience with Steve at Van Grace. He posted a job and one of my researchers immediately said 'I have the guy' and after 24 hours we were able to submit to Steve. Steve is a consummate pro and said 'yes, I like him, let me take over from here.' After a few emails, he said candidate is going to interview... a few days later another email: company is doing a personality test ...and a few days later, the Powerball email saying 'this is his start date and your share of the fee will be...'
"Steve handled everything from start to finish and was incredible to work with. We are actively looking for our second placement in the NPA network to come through in September."
Great work being persistent, Dave! Now that you've broken the ice with your first placement, we look forward to seeing many more! And great advice, Steve, on how to use NPA to help through economic downturns!