Matt Thompson (NPA #5058) of TSG - Thompson Search Group in Edmond, OK, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Theresa Nordstrom (NPA #4020) of Nordstrom Talent in Elkhorn, NE, USA.

Theresa placed Matt’s candidate, an SVP IS Strategy & Infrastructure in the Banking/Lending/Financial Services Industry in the USA.

Matt explained how the deal came about:

"I was a new NPA member and on my first Technology Practice call and was hoping to get introduced to the NPA importers that had active openings and strong relationships with their clients. During the call, Theresa Nordstrom was introduced and announced a retained search for an SVP role for a position I had just filled with another Fortune list company that summer. Kelsea heard me chime in and helped provide an immediate introduction during the call. Theresa and I spoke that same day, confirmed my alignment to fill that type of role and got after it that day. The benefit of working with Theresa is she has great relationships with her clients so we were able to have good conversations with the Stakeholders, line out our recruiting plan and our 1st referral ended up with the offer! This is the reason I joined NPA and hope to have more opportunities with other members as soon as possible!"

Theresa said: "I had received a retained IT job order outside of my niche from one of my best clients. I joined the IT monthly call and told the group I'd likely have the role coming up that I needed to deliver on! ON the call I had several people interested and had several people who reached out. I told the group I needed someone who could completely vet the candidate and provide a very detailed write up as that was my practice. Matt send me an example of what he typically did and we agreed to partner. We sent 3 candidates and 1 was hired! Boom a $55,000 fee to split."

Just another success story proving that it pays to attend Practice Group calls! Great work, Matt and Theresa!