Posted on Dec 03, 2021

Congratulations to Kelly Charity of Patrese People (#1417) on making her firm's first split placement with Laine McKenzie of Legal People (#6088). The placement was for an Accounts Manager with Laine's client in the apparel and textiles industry in Australia.

Laine commented, "I contacted Kristen Davie to see who could assist me for an Accounts Manager’s role in NSW & ACT. She recommended I get in contact with Patrese People. Kelly sent me the details of an excellent candidate, who was successful and accepted the role, and I’m very happy to say has now commenced. I met the candidate virtually and throughout the recruitment process provided regular updates and feedback to Patrese People. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kelly, Trish and Emma at Patrese People, the process was seamless and at all times I felt we were "on the same page." I’d also like to mention my client understands how NPA works and that I’ve worked with this client on an exclusive basis for over 15 years.

Added Kelly, "We were contacted by Laine, through Kristen’s referral, as we have an exceptional track record with sales people and account managers. We were excited to work with Laine and the role was something a bit different too – which is always welcomed. We filled the role quite quickly having submitted the one candidate we knew was right for the role. Kelly started her new role and has already said she is loving it."

Kelly's summary is on-point: "Another excellent outcome of sharing across the network!"