Pat Meehan (NPA #3912) of The Meehan Group in Evansville, IN, USA, has made the firm’s first NPA split placement with Julie Blodgett (NPA #4026) of TDM & Associates in St. Joseph, IL, USA. Pat placed Julie's candidate, a Controller in the Accounting Industry in the US.
Pat explains how the deal came about: "I have known Julie for about 12 years. We were in IPA together. I met Julie and her husband at an IPA conference in Nashville. We started working together to fill jobs at one of my customer's plants in IL. We made several splits in IPA after that and now we have made our first split in NPA. I just called Julie on the phone and sent her the job order. She sent two candidates and we placed the second one. You should work with Julie. She is a pleasure to work with."
Julie said: "I met Pat Meehan back when he and I were both with IPA. We met at a regional conference in Nashville and have stayed connected ever since.  Pat is one of those recruiters that once you meet, you’ll know for a lifetime!  He has a client in the east-central Illinois area and he’s always good about letting me know when they have openings.  I used to live in that area and have a few connections. Consequently Pat and I have made a few splits over the years.  It’s a great partnership and I’m glad that we can continue working together in NPA."
Building longstanding relationships is the key to a great trading partnership! Great work, Pat and Julie! Here's to many more splits together.