Posted by Jason Elias on Jan 14, 2021

Greetings Fellow Members,

Let me start by wishing everyone a happy new year. The year that has passed presented challenges to many of us personally and professionally. Many of you may be reading this from lockdowns or have been affected by the pandemic personally or your businesses. Many of you will be aware that we lost Fran Weirnusz to covid last year. Fran was a great contributor to the network and a wonderful character who will be missed by all. I hope the year ahead will bring better fortune to us all across the globe.

On brighter news- I wanted to report back on some of the figures that demonstrate despite the pandemic and consequent economic impacts, NPAworldwide members continue to perform strongly. The member revenue for 2020 was $7,690,513. Up to the end of December 2020, almost half (49%) of main locations did a split. In the last month, Rachel Quinn from 3p Partners and Franci Eisenberg from Professional Recruiters split an almost $60,000 fee and Maggie Cunningham scored a $32,500 fee by using the Job Board. The largest split of the year was PartnerWest and Lexington Staffing with a whopping $156K fee and Professional Personnel Associates hit a $50k placement from the Job Board. These are great numbers and to be celebrated. On average each member receives $13,733 revenue from NPA via splits and the Job Board (this is $22,630 in the Americas) - more proof that in times of economic volatility, NPA is a valuable resource.

Most roles filled are over the $100K mark and the key practice groups in 2020 were Engineering, Cross-Industry, Technology then Accounting/Finance, Chem Process and Healthcare. Agribusiness and Legal grew strongly in 2020 (my company was lucky enough to generate close to $100K in splits last year).

So despite the doom and gloom, members are reporting green shoots and the figures suggest we  are doing well across many segments of the economy The reserve funds have been expertly managed by Jim Lyons and his committee and we have made back any falls from the drop after Covid hit initially, even after providing everyone a dues-free month in April. Also due to the lack of face-to-face meetings and a number of other covid-related issues, our spending for 2020 was way under budget. Your network is in a sound financial position, so onwards and upwards for the new year.