I came across an excellent post today by Katrina Kibben about how to write job posts for REMOTE roles. This is a question that has been cropping up among members as everyone tries to figure out how to handle the location requirements of various job boards and ATS products. You can access the article below.

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How to Post a Remote Job

My first remote job was a demotion. In 2012 I think that’s how most people looked at remote work – if you left the office, you couldn’t possibly still work full time or be as present and productive as anyone sitting at the office. I was working as a full-time marketing director, and despite my full workload, because I needed to be 100% remote, they suggested I go to part-time. 

I started my second remote gig with all the best intentions. “I won’t accept this role if I’m not remote,” I confidently said when they offered me an interim CMO position. They agreed. Slowly but surely, the executive team applied pressure until I understood what they were saying. I needed to be there. I was commuting over 1000 miles to be in the office four days a week... read the full article here