Posted by Marcia Bateman on Jan 05, 2021
As you all know I am not a recruiter, but the engagement team does hear from members on what they like and don’t like about jobs posted. So here are some tips based on feedback.
1- A Good Job Title - If your client does not have a good one change it, this is the first thing seen. Also don't abbreviate, you may know what ECM is but would a candidate or your partner search it that way. You can use both if you prefer:  Enterprise content management / ECM
2- A Good Job Description. Restate title with city, state, and sizzle in the Why is This a Great Opportunity, this is the first thing the candidates see as well if posted on the Job Board. Make it brief 3-5 bullets (no one reads paragraphs)
3-Candidate Qualifications. Add must haves and again make it brief 3-5 bullets
4- List the Compensation & Benefits, this adds to the sizzle
5- Notes to Members- this is an area where you can let your NPA Partner know the “insider details” about what the client really wants. A good place to list your relationship with the client as well with such things as: have done placements here, new client, fast feedback, slow feedback but does hire, etc .
6- Most important part is feedback, make sure you give it if someone sends you a candidate!!!