Dear Nicky,

A member sent me a resume and I remembered the name, so I looked in my database and have that candidate. I spoke to them about 5 months ago and assume there is no split owed to the other member if I place the person. Right?

Double-Checking in Douglas

Dear Douglas,

NO! You are not correct. The Operations Manual is quite clear that the submittal THAT TRIGGERS YOUR INTEREST is owed a split if the candidate is placed. There is an assumption that you have already searched your own database for suitable candidates before enlisting your partners' assistance. It is totally inappropriate to search your database AFTER a partner sends you a candidate in hopes of avoiding a split.

The "But For" rule is the cornerstone of NPAworldwide split placement activity: "But for the information provided by your affiliate, a placement would not have occurred; therefore, it is a split placement."

Please re-read the Operations Manual, Section A. Policies so that you have a complete understanding of the rules that govern splits.


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