Please join me in wishing Kara great success in the years ahead!  As you might know, Kara Russell our NPAworldwide staffer for the last few years, and long-time NBN Network employee, is moving on to new challenges.  Kara will be leaving NPAworldwide April 30, 2020 to pursue new challenges outside of NPAworldwide. 


Kara Russell has been instrumental in coaching and guiding both new and existing members of NBN and now NPAworldwide to success.  Kara is Bob Cozzens’ daughter, Bob being the former owner of the NBN Network.  Kara came to NPAworldwide as part of the transition team to insure the success of both the merged business and the members making the leap over to NPAworldwide from NBN.  The NBN Network was acquired in 2014 and the two businesses were fully integrated in 2016.  Kara has great skills in engaging and coaching recruiters to success in a networked environment.  She has been a support person to the Accounting/Finance, Banking and most recently, the Healthcare Practice Groups.  Kara is well liked by all and has demonstrated a passion for helping members connect. 


NPAworldwide will still have a staff of 4 full-time employees dedicated to the work of engaging and supporting members.  The staff consists of Marcia Bateman, Kelsea Bischoff, Liz Carey and Kristen Davie.  In addition, Chris Paull spends considerable portions of her time in support of member training which is a component of member engagement.  So we will have great people in place to work cooperatively with new and established members to support their continued success in our network. 


In the weeks ahead, we are making a gradual move from Kara doing what she has always done, to a point where Kara is sharing her role with one of the staff identified above, to a spot of transition at the end of April where Kara will be in the background and the newly assigned staff person takes full responsibility.  You will let us know if we are dropping the ball, but it is far more likely we will have too much coverage than not enough during this transition.  Please bear with us, as NPAworldwide is not known for employee turnover and we lack experience with these transitions but can assure you our hearts are in the right place on this effort. 


Please wish Kara well or call her at 616.871.3322.  Thanks Kara for the care and attention you have shown our members over many years!  We wish you continued success and happiness.  Again, she is with us until April 30, 2020.