I just Googled, "Leveraging Association Membership and here is what came up.  A good reminder to all members.

Here are 10 ways to grow your business by leveraging an association membership:

1)            Attend the events and get to know as many members as possible  MY NOTE:  Meetings coming up in NYC and New Orleans to name just 2.  

2)            Join a committee or the board

3)            Advertise in the association publications MY NOTE: Every job and candidate you post is an advertisement!!!

4)            Ensure that your information is up-to-date in the member directory MY NOTE:  Please review what you have on Matchmaker!

5)            Purchase the member list and market to members via direct mail, email, etc…  MY NOTE:  It is free.  Use Matchmaker to promote yourself and your firm.

6)            Sponsor an event

7)            Host an event at your location.  MY NOTE:  Ask your Area Leader is you can host a lunch or coffee for members nearby.

8)            Cold call all of the members, being sure to mention your membership.  MY NOTE:  Introduce yourself to new members.  Just added 25 new IPA members, fyi.

9)            Develop a special offer or discount just for members.  MY NOTE:  Have you considered a special "First split with me and I will  pay the brokerage out of my side."???

10)         Put the associations logo on your website  MY NOTE:  No brainer...done by only about 3% of members.

Leverage!  Invest a few minutes and get years of value.