Andrew Thoseby (#8556) of 1st Executive in Melbourne, VIC, Australia, nominated Lisa Alexander-Smith (#8360) of Flexi Personnel in Laverton, Western Australia, in the Business Result category.

Andrew said: "We have just completed a blue collar assignment with Lisa and her employer, Flexi Personnel. Not being blue collar recruiters and being asked by a client in the middle of a white collar project to help with blue collar work, we turned to Lisa and Flexi Personnel. For us, it kept competitors away from a key client. It was high volume and low rates so we split 75% to Flexi. These were process workers and warehouse staff in two bread factories. Lisa was dealing in a talent pool with mixed levels of English, and we constantly met with candidates not showing up on day 1, or walking out if they did not like the smell of dough and flour. Lisa's perseverance saw 22 placements in about 8 weeks into jobs that no-one seemed to want. Great work, attitude and a whole bunch of admin - all of which, she assures us, helped to kick start her new branch."
That's great teamwork! Thanks for being someone your partners can count on, Lisa!