Members are reminded to contact NPAworldwide Headquarters regarding any pending placement activity with suspended or resigned members. Brokerage is still due on all placements made with former members for a period of one year following termination.

Requested Resignations

Member #5066
Firm Name: Gradel Professional Search
Location: Plano, TX, USA
Owner: Daniel Gradel
Effective: July 31, 2020

Member #5071
Firm Name: Blue Staffing Group
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Owner: Crystal Ohikhuare
Effective: July 31, 2020

Member #8550
Firm Name: GoSource People Pty Ltd
Location: Luddenham, NSW, Australia
Owner: David Goodwin
Effective: July 31, 2020

Member #1405
Firm Name: Here's Help Staffing & Recruiting
Location: Middletown, NY, USA
Owner: Cathy Parlapiano
Effective: July 31, 2020

June Resignations

Member #5058
Firm Name: TSG - Thompson Search Group
Location: Edmond, OK, USA
Owner: Matt Thompson

Member #8534
Firm Name: JK & Wilson Consulting Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore
Owner: Keav Kho

Member #3882
Firm Name: Nurse Earth
Location: Columbus, OH, USA
Owner: Chris Painter

Member #6081
Firm Name: Aldebaran Recruiting
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Owner: Lance Winsaft

Member #6027
Firm Name: David H. Reid Associates
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Owner: Dave Reid

Member #3380
Firm Name: Professional Outlook, Inc.
Location: Grandville, MI, USA
Owner: Bethany Brevard

Member #1397
Firm Name: KG Staffing
Location: Clinton, MA, USA
Owner: Kelvin Gracia

Member #2125
Firm Name: Search One, Inc.
Location: Largo, FL, USA
Owner: Bill Pedrey

Member #8579
Firm Name: Topaz Talent Solutions
Location: London, U.K.
Owner: Ash Sawhney

Member #7407 & 6093
Firm Name: Think Talent, Inc.
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada & Point Roberts, WA, USA
Owner: Pierre Blais