Below are the membership updates for this week:

Applications Received

The following firms have made application for NPAworldwide membership. Please forward any information that will be helpful in evaluating this application to our Director of Membership, Sarah Freiburger. Please share your feedback within one week of receiving this update.


Firm Name: Veromni, LLC

Location: Fredericksburg, TX, USA

Owner: Lasca Weiss


New Membership

All members, upon enrollment, are subject to a probationary period of six months and must abide by the terms and conditions of the NPAworldwide Membership Agreement.



SearchAmerica, Inc. - +1 406-642-8000

Location: Hamilton, MT, USA

Owner: Stephen Jarvis

Trading Groups: Engineering/Manufacturing/Operations

Firm Matchmaker Profile



Sound Decisions - +1 949-216-0337

Location: Tustin, CA, USA

Owner: Daniel Parker

Trading Groups: Technology; Legal; Accounting/Finance

Firm Matchmaker Profile



Zamco Recruitment Limited - +44 7 504560551

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Owner: Sheldon Merriman

Trading Groups: Technology; Cyber; Fintech; Accounting/Banking; Legal

Firm Matchmaker Profile



Launch Global - +44 7 772818299

Location: Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Owner: Christopher Danks

Trading Groups: Cross-Industry Functions

Firm Matchmaker Profile



Uniquest - +1 813-387-1000

Location: Lutz, FL, USA

Owner: Tony Valone

Trading Groups: Healthcare; Accounting/Finance

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Membership Status Changes

Members are reminded to contact NPAworldwide Headquarters regarding any pending placement activity with suspended or resigned members. Brokerage is still due on all placements made with former members for a period of one year following termination.

Requested Resignations

Member #1409

Firm Name: Ability Focused Staffing

Location: Barnegat, NJ, USA

Owner: Austin Paris

Effective: Nov. 30, 2021


Member #3910

Firm Name: Med Billing and Consulting Group Inc.

Location: Cleveland, OH, USA

Owner: Shawn Day

Effective: Nov. 30, 2021

Member #1396

Firm Name: Lynne Francey & Associates, LLC

Location: Schenectady, NY, USA

Owner: Lynne Francey

Effective: Nov. 30, 2021


Last Week's Acceptances

The following firms have reported these acceptances from last week:

*There was 1 cross-border split on this report; if you are interested in working internationally, reach out to an Engagement Team Member.

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