Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Apr 14, 2022

Dear Nicky,

I was told by a trading partner that they did not find me in NPAmarketplace searching on manufacturing. That is my specialty area; what do I need to do to fix this?

Lost in L'Anse

Dear L'Anse,

This is likely due to the limitations of the data migration from Matchmaker to NPAmarketplace. Members are required to complete their NPAmarketplace profile upon their initial login - you can't get past the activation screen without doing that. So if you haven't taken the time to log in yet, please make that a priority. You are not coming up in search results. While we migrated all recruiter records to NPAmarketplace, there was some data that we could not transfer:

  • Your location - we are using a new locations database, so the "old" location data was not migrated
  • Locations worked - same as above
  • Primary Skills, Secondary Skills, and Industry(ies) Worked - these are also new lists, so the "old" data was not migrated

Search results for trading partners will be incomplete/inaccurate until everyone logs in and completes their new profiles.

Other data that needs to be reviewed:

  • Firm Profile - please complete the Primary Skills, Secondary Skills and Industry(ies) Worked. This data was not collected in Matchmaker, so there was nothing to migrate.
  • Firm Profile - Mask/Unmask Candidates. We migrated your existing setting from Matchmaker for your candidates to be blinded/unblinded. This is an all-or-nothing setting at the firm level (either ALL candidates for the entire firm are masked, or NONE of them are). Some members have been surprised to find out their candidates are masked, not realizing they had turned that feature on in Matchmaker.
  • Candidates - please complete the Willing to Relocate, Expected Pay Type, and Remote Status fields. Again, the relocation data tables are new, so this data was not migrated. The other fields are new and helpful for searches. There are also some other new fields that you may wish to complete (Work Authorization, Source, Years of Experience, social media profiles).
  • Jobs - Migrated jobs should not be missing any existing data; however, there are some new fields you may wish to complete (Work Experience, Number of Positions, Languages Required, Target Date).
Marketplace support is available from:
  • North America/EMEA/LatAm
    Anson Joel Veigas
    Customer Success Manager
    +91 7208130590
    +1 (469) 707-4171
  • AsiaPac/Australia/New Zealand
    Srikanth Adepu
    Manager Project Validation
    +91 9030519912

There is also a detailed Handbook available for those who prefer that learning style. Thanks for your support of the network and our new technology platform!


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