Posted by Dave Nerz on Mar 23, 2022
We will have completed the process of allowing access and providing basic training to all members on the new NPAmarketplace by the end of March 2022. We are excited to have a new member-to-member sharing tool and we want to avoid duplication, wasted time, and confusion for those counting on NPAworldwide to find partners, jobs to work, and candidates for jobs.
    To this end, we are doing the following:
    • Already Migrated Records: 
      A major migration of records has already taken place from Matchmaker to NPAmarketplace. Members, Recruiters, Jobs, Candidates and Splits that were in Matchmaker prior to March 1, 2022 have been migrated.  
    • Last Grab of Records:
      We will be taking a last grab of records that entered Matchmaker after March 1 and through end of day March 31 and those will be migrated to NPAmarketplace soon after March 31. 
    • New Records:
      Effective April 1, 2022, all new shared records will only be accepted in NPAmarketplace. Entry pages for Matchmaker will be disabled effective end of day March 31. We have only been adding new members to NPAmarketplace since mid-March, so new members will only see records in NPAmarketplace. Now everyone will be in the same position beginning April 1.
    • Search Agents on Matchmaker
      Matchmaker Agents will stop functioning on April 1 as there will be no new records to feed them.
    We understand this a time consuming and challenging transition for everyone. It was necessary to allow the network to move to a sustainable and modern sharing tool. In order to minimize wasted effort and confusion, we are taking the actions listed above. If you require our assistance with more training, please see the NPAmarketplace Handbook found within the documents section on NPA Central. As always connect with your Engagement Team for details and methods to educate yourself or get trained. Thanks for your support of moving your network into the future.