Posted by Dave Nerz on May 26, 2022

Finding talent is difficult. Speed to close on open positions is becoming extended. Some jobs are just not built to split…low fees, too many competitors, or strange one-off situations make it difficult to get support from your NPAworldwide partners. The NPA Job Board is a great option for these situations. We discourage the use of the NPA Job Board where you have partners investing time to source candidates. Please don’t waste your NPA partners' time. 

Here are some facts on the NPA Job Board:  
Site Location: jobs.npaworldwide.comPLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE SITE AND CLICK JOBS because each click generates a fee to NPAworldwide.  Members post via NPAworldwide Marketplace.
Costs: Think of the NPA Job Board as a contingent job board. You only pay when successful. It is FREE TO POST for NPAworldwide members. 12% of the fee collected is due to NPAworldwide for any candidates sourced from the NPA Job Board that  is placed for a fee.  
Advertising: NPAworldwide uses budget dollars to gain visibility and applications for the jobs you share on the NPA Job Board. We use LinkedIn, Indeed, Adzuna, Reach and 200 other micro sites to advertise your jobs.
The guidelines provided below will help NPA spend wisely and avoid conflicts/bans by the providers we are dependent upon for advertising success. 

  • No clickbait in the job titles please.
  • Job title should be free of extra information such as location, company perks, internal job #, etc.
  • Always complete with job location information. Include a city and country at a minimum.
  • It is forbidden for members to include firm/recruiter contact information in the job description. Failure to follow this rule will cause your jobs to removed and a future ban on jobs.
  • Remain compliant  with basic non-discrimination practices (no age demands, nationality requirements, etc.).
  • Make sure spelling and grammar errors are removed.
  • Include the salary for the position. This helps advertising and is required in some locations. Absent salary, aggregators/boards may estimate a salary range.  
  • No fake jobs. Failure to follow this rule will cause a ban on future  job posts.
  • Report candidates placement successes immediately on NPAmarketplace. Failure to do so is cause for expulsion.
  • Add to your email’s safe senders list. This will ensure the job seeker applications you receive will go to your Inbox vs. your Junk/Spam folder.
  • Note the NPA Job Board as the source if saving the candidate for a current or future job. Direct placement results in a 12% fee to NPAworldwide; use in a split is the typical 5% brokerage.

Members earned over $700,000 in fees in 2021 via the NPA Job Board. A good source of revenue in these times!