Posted by Dave Nerz on Feb 23, 2022

Exciting times! We are getting very close to the launch of NPAmarketplace. This tool will replace Matchmaker when everyone has been given access and trained. We are working on data transitions to bring over existing records. That data transition is taking a long time to get it done right. As soon as that is completed, we will be in a position to start the process of launching. Here’s the plan:

  • Wave 1:  Testers, Wave 1 requests, US New England, US Middle Atlantic, US Southeast Atlantic, US Southeast Central, and Canada-Ontario
  • Wave 2:  US Midwest Great Lakes, US Midwest Central, US Southwest Central, US West Mountain, US West Pacific, and Canada-Outside Ontario
  • Wave 3:  AsiaPacific (Australia, New Zealand, and Asia)
  • Wave 4:  Latin America and Europe, Middle East and Africa

At this point, Wave 1 is targeted for the week of March 7-11. We will only launch if we are confident in the quality of the data transition. If the data needs to be scrubbed multiple times, that could push Wave 1 back by 7 to 10 days.  

On your targeted week of launch, you will be asked to connect to NPAmarketplace via a link on NPA Central. You will be directed to the NPAmarketplace and asked to create login credentials that can match your NPA Central credentials or different if you prefer. We have arranged for a single sign on via NPA Central. So NPA Central will get you to NPAmarketplace as an authorized user. We will provide a Training Handbook, a link to a collection of videos and a point of contact for questions and 1-to-1 training scheduling. We will also offer a point of contact for resolution of questions or issues you might have.  

There is lots of work being done. Be on the lookout for your Wave invitation email!