Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Jun 08, 2022

Dear Nicky,

I have been playing around a bit in NPAmarketplace. There is some good technology there. I missed the trainings that were offered early on, and am wondering what kind of training resources are available.

Learning in Lenox

Dear Learning,

You're in luck! We have *lots* of training options available for NPAmarketplace:

  • Training Handbook for those who like to have written instructions
  • Video Library for those who like demonstration-style instructions and a learn-as-you-go style (currently 14 videos available)
  • One-on-one training directly from Oorwin:
    • North America/EMEA/LatAm
      Anson Joel Veigas
      Customer Success Manager
      +91 7208130590
      +1 (469) 707-4171
    • AsiaPac/Australia/New Zealand
      Srikanth Adepu
      Manager Project Validation
      +91 9030519912

Of course, the NPAworldwide Engagement Team is also available to help with your questions as well. Thanks for jumping in and learning how to use the new software!


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