Posted by Laura Schmieder on Sep 10, 2020

The NPAworldwide mission statement emphasizes that we value professionalism, honesty and integrity, knowledge, and teamwork. Ethics are important to our membership.

As always, consider how would YOU like to be treated if you were on the other end. Put yourself in the reverse position before you decide your course of action.  

Our NPAworldwide Bylaws spell out how to handle disputes between NPA members and recruiters:

Problem Resolution Process

A quick summary is that every effort should be made to solve disputes at the recruiter-to-recruiter level and if necessary, unresolved disputes can move to the owner-to-owner level and then finally involve the Board of Directors if necessary. The formal arbitration process is the final step to an outcome. 

If a consultant/recruiter from an NPAworldwide affiliate has a problem with an affiliate office:

  1. The recruiter discusses the concern with the owner/NPAworldwide contact within his/her own office.
  2. An attempt to resolve the dispute at a recruiter-to-recruiter level should be considered. 
  3. The owner reviews the Bylaws and Operations Manual to determine if the situation is covered by NPAworldwide rules. 
  4. The owner contacts the other NPAworldwide affiliate’s owner to look for resolution to the problem.
  5. If no agreement is reached, the owner calls their regional director for assistance with the issue.
  6. The regional director contacts the other affiliate’s regional director to aid in the resolution.
  7. If the regional directors are unable to resolve the problem, other Board representative can be engaged for advice and assistance.
  8. If an issue is not resolved by the members and directors, the issue may be addressed by the Board and ultimately the formal arbitration process. The arbitration occurs at NPA Board of Directors meetings, which are held monthly. If a decision requires sanctions the board will issue such penalties or admonishments.

NPAworldwide Bylaws, Article 9 – Dispute Resolution (page 18)

If a dispute arises between Members, the affected Members should attempt to resolve the dispute. Disputes should be elevated to the appropriate Board Director(s) if not previously resolved Member-to-Member. Members may request arbitration as described in this Article, if the dispute cannot be resolved as a result of intervention by Board Directors.