Theresa Nordstrom (#4020), of Nordstrom Talent in Elkhorn, NE, USA, nominated Phil Chappel (#1325) of P. Chappel Associates in Basking Ridge, NJ, USA, in the Attitude & Teamwork Category.

Theresa said: "Phil has floored me with his partnership. I began working with him on a unique partnership to help me source a bunch roles out of my normal scope. The recommendations he has made are not about him - the recommendations are about US - all the parties of NPA that are involved. It's not one sided, he wants us all to succeed and fairly. He is looking for a very long term partnership. Last his results and work he is putting in towards the project is amazing - he's helping me manage a larger project. Thanks Phil for being my partner- you are a glue of this project!"

Great teamwork, Phil and Theresa!