Posted by Dave Nerz on Sep 08, 2020
As you may know, we were expecting to host the Global Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas in April 2021.  Well, much has changed and we plan to make some significant changes to our previous plan.  
We contracted to hold this meeting in December 2019, nearly 15 months in advance of the conference. We do this so that we can get a good price and are able to announce the location at the Global Conference the year before. We were in New Orleans for March 2020.
Since March of 2020 and the contracted date of December of 2019, much in our world and yours has changed. While it is possible things will be on their way back to more normal conditions in April of 2021, we are not willing to risk the nearly $100,000 of contracted funds on such an outcome. With the guidance of the Board of Directors, we have opted to move this Ft.Worth contracted event to April of 2022. That is more than 16 months form now and offers us a better chance of normalcy for travelers from around the world. It also allows us much flexibility for 2021. 
We may have a face-to-face meeting or opt for a virtual event? We may have multiple smaller meetings closer to home for all members? We may postpone all meetings until late in 2021? We may get offers from hotels that make a meeting more affordable for all? We could have a virtual Annual Meeting of members to do elections on or around the original planned date for the Global Conference in 2021? So many options for us to consider to meet the interests of members and the network.  
We will update you as things become more clear. Please be patient as we try to manage what is best with what is practical. We look forward to seeing you all when it is safe!!!