A tool that might be of value to you when sourcing.  It is available as a Chrome Extension.
WizardSourcer has created a browser extension called Recruiter Wand. This free extension will allow the user to create auto-filled emails for contacts on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. The extension will capture the names, company, and skills on the page and auto fill them into a template. The user can choose from a list of pre-saved templates. You can add additional templates within the tool as well. The user can then copy the auto-generated text and paste it in emails and other messaging platforms. 
What are the benefits to using this tool?
  1. It’s a free way to manage recruiter templates all in one place.
  2. Select from a large variety of auto filled templates in many different industries.
  3. Add and save additional recruiter templates within the tool.
  4. Auto fill in templates with the applicants most updated information.
  5. Speed up your sourcing and messaging abilities.
  6. It’s simple and easy to understand and use.
How to use this extension tool?
  1. Download the extension in the Google Chrome store.
  2. Search on LinkedIn or one a website page with resume details.
  3. Select the Recruit Wand tool to load in the chrome browser. 
  4. Then go to a candidates LinkedIn profile select (Get LinkedIn Data) and auto fill in the template.
  5. Include date of availability – easily give your availability for that day or week. 
  6. Once you’ve auto filled in the template select copy and then paste it into an email or inmail.

Download Recruiter Wand in the Google Chrome Store (here) ←