NPAworldwide is a member-owned cooperative with rules that are defined by the membership. As an owner, you are accountable to every other owner for safeguarding the network and protecting your partners' proprietary information. You are responsible for ensuring that you and your recruiters know and understand the rules that govern split placement activities between members.

As a condition of access, everyone who has a user name and password for Matchmaker is required to complete a 5-question ethics quiz. You must score 100% on this quiz. The quiz covers Section A. Policies and Section E. Financial Obligations of the Operations Manual. It is an "open book" quiz, meaning you are permitted to use the Operations Manual as a resource while taking the quiz. It should not take more than an hour to read these two sections and complete the quiz. Users who do not take the quiz, or do not pass, will have their access suspended until they successfully complete this activity. Please take responsibility as an owner to ensure that you and your team know the rules, have access to the Operations Manual, and are prepared to successfully take the quiz before you create a user account for them.

The quiz is emailed directly to new member firms upon enrollment and to new recruiters as they are added to the database.

NPAworldwide has been successful for more than sixty years in large part because members agree to adhere to the same rules. Thanks for your help and compliance on this critical matter.