Lora Lea Mock (NPA #6656) of Professional Recruiters in Sandy, UT, USA, received a job order from one of her local clients for a Finance Manager in Taiwan, and turned to the NPA network for help. 

Lora Lea sent out an email to Asia members requesting help, and received more than 30 CVs from Asia members, including one from Venkat Reddy (NPA #8540) of Kaarya Consulting Services in Hyderabad, India, that was ultimately offered the role and placed with her client.

Lora Lea was impressed with not only the result, but the process and enthusiasm of Asia members.

"Venkat and all of our NPA partners do a great job in assisting me in filling international positions for our clients," Lora Lea said. "This ability gives us a huge competitive advantage to any other Recruiting firm here in Utah and helps us to build really strong client relations. NPA always makes us look so good to our clients. My thanks, not only to Venkat, but to all of the other partners that gave me great candidates for a position with a local client that needed to fill a position that was half way around the globe."

Taufik Arief, one of NPA's Asia Area leaders, said: "We hope this inspires more North American members to seek business in Asia, and encourages Asia members to be more active."