Dear Nicky,

I’m a new member, just getting started sharing jobs and candidates with my partners. Do you have any tips or best practices you can share?

Sharing in Shelbyville

Dear Shelby,

Thanks for writing! Sharing records with your partners, whether by posting on Matchmaker or sending directly, is an important key to success.  Below are some tips for things you should do as well as a few things to avoid when sending records:

  • DO send your trading partner a resume/CV with notes about why your candidate is a match for their job.
  • DO NOT send a link to a LinkedIn profile or other profile posted on the web with no notes; this is not a substitute for a resume/CV with detailed notes.
  • DO take your job off Matchmaker if it is filled or on hold and let partners that reached out to you know. No one wants to continue sourcing candidates for a job that isn’t available.
  • DO NOT post a partner’s job on your website (or anywhere else) if the Permission to Advertise field is marked NO or NO, contact recruiter.
  • DO qualify your candidate before sending to your partner; remember it is a 50/50 split, so you need to do your share.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It goes without saying that records you share should be complete and accurate, with enough detail and sizzle to attract your partners’ attention. Our membership engagement specialists are happy to help with specific questions.


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