Firstly, hope you are all safe and well. 2020 has so far been a year of challenges across a number of fronts, not least economically. The recruitment industry is always at the pointy end of macroeconomic change and I know many of us are feeling this acutely right now. We have 10% of the number of job orders we had in February.

If it is any consolation, recruiters also feel the benefits of upturns. Companies will need to re-skill and grow quickly and we are positioned to help them do that.

One of the few benefits of not having as many job orders to work on is that I have been working “on” my business. Here are a few projects that we have worked on and hopefully some may be useful to you:

  • Work out how to reduce costs, e.g. reliance on job boards by using our database better. Try to update details and keep candidates in touch with your brand.
  • Review your systems and workflow and see what you can improve; automate or if there is ROI, even outsource more efficiently
  • Make contact with people. Speak to clients and candidates and connect on a personal basis without necessarily discussing recruitment. Many HR people are under pressure; lend them your ears
  • If you have a team; meet regularly via Zoom and check in with them. Get their ideas on what can be done better in the snap back.
  • Get creative with your marketing; create content (blogs; videos; podcasts), gather testimonials, update your website, social media, terms of business and proposals.
  • Reach out to trading partners and share ideas. I have been lucky as a systems-savvy NPA colleague of mine is helping me on all these projects that have been on the back burner when I was busy working jobs.
  • We have run a weekly “lunch and learn” where together we watch sessions from trainers and conferences. We pick a food theme each week and consultants get home delivery on our Uber eats company account.

Good luck and stay safe.